At Jade Leaf, we support people who choose to use herbal medicines, essential oils, music therapy and other natural remedies in place of harmful pharmaceuticals. 

Health conscious consumers have relatively few choices when it comes to retail outlets that have the tools and accessories they need to begin to treat themselves with therapeutic plants and herbs. Whether it is smoking accessories, kitchen tools, or storage containers designed with herbal medicine in mind, Jade Leaf Box has you covered.

Many new patients may feel trepidation or anxiety at starting a new regimen, especially when dealing with chronic pain, auto-immune disorders, PTSD, or any of the conditions that can be helped with medicinal herbs and essential oils.

All of our Jade Leaf Box products are specially compiled with new users in mind, but also with an eye toward functionality so that long-time users will still find them handy and convenient.

We have researched the needs of people who are using herbal medicines and developed our products to serve you well in your natural healing journey.

We have lost loved ones to the opioid epidemic and want to help prevent more people from enduring this type of pain. And the more we learned and talked with real people who were getting real results, the more involved we became.

Jade Leaf strives to bring you the most useful products cleverly packaged to provide the best value.

Contact us for more information or to share your story.

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